For international students, here is some information in English. Not all sections of the web page are translated. Please contact us if there is something you would like to read more about here.

The Student Guild for Electrical Engineering

Teaching in electrical engineering on Chalmers have existed since the late 19th century, 1902 a vocational school in electrical engineering was created which graduated about ten students each year. Since then the education have grown and are today, with about thousand students, one of Chalmers larger programs. The student guild was created 1932 and have over the year been responisble for tousands of crazy gags. The student guild is a non-profit organization by students for students hence its fundamental is students whom dedicate their time to improve others. Apart from pure voluntary work the guild have a hired staff of a President, President of educational affairs and a head of our own bookstore. The guild consists of a dozen commitees with different functions, usch as corpration relations or educational affairs. The guilds daily affairs is runned by a board consisting of six persons. The student guild works under the guidance of Donald Duck. Since its proved that the electron is yellow the guilds colour is of course yellow too.

Kajsabaren – The pub

The common area for the students of Electrical Engineering to meet up and also ingest their lunches, serves this dual purpose before as well as after dark. Kajsabaren is namely the setting place for an exceptional pub a couple of times a week. It is open to all students and our guests are offered one of Chalmers largest selection of beers, a fine assortment of whisky and several non-alcoholic alternatives. If the lower parts of your torsos are producing any hunger-related noises, they can also be silenced here, as we offer the famous Kajsa Burger – a 200 gram beast of fine Angus meat. If you are not really up for that challenge, snacks, nachos and vegetarian options are also found.

The prices in Kajsabaren are naturally student-friendly. However, only cash is accepted at the moment, so do not forget to pay the ATM a visit before coming here.

The pub is usually open Wednesdays and Friday in study week one through seven. The doors open at 5.00 p.m. and closing time in whenever everyone is happy and content.

Every now and the, Kasjabaren hosts theme pubs and other types of special arrangements. The opening hours, menu and whatnot might be subject to some slight changes in these cases. However, this will be properly announced on the bulletin boards in the building as well as on the Facebook page of Kajsabaren.

Moreover, Kajsabaren is possible to rent for arrangements relating to the student sections. This means that we sadly are not able to rent the pub out for private parties and such. If you have any questions as to what might be regarded as a ”arrangement relating to student sections”, please contact us via e-mail and we will respond promptly.

Lastly, the pub is managed by a group of volunteering students in the association Kajsastyret. It is also reliant upon the beer-selling and burger-flipping skills of unsolicited students spending an evening helping out. Are you interested in assisting us in Kajsabaren? Please contact us via e-mail or come talk to someone behind the bar at any of our pubs!


ARME is the commitee int the Student guild responisble for the contact between students and corprations. This is done by arrange corporate events and answer questions between jobs and masters thesis. The copration events is an exellent opportunity meet different corprations and get yourself some good food and a fine drink. For more information about the different events check our the news and calender on this website.